05 September 2008

When the dog bites, when the bee stings

• new earplugs (NRR 32!), a giant box with 80 squishy foam pairs in two colors: Disney purple and construction worker orange
• waking from a dream and realizing that my dog hadn't actually turned into a housefly and died on his back with his legs quivering
• recovering from a long late night episode of scrambled brains
• reading Heck Superhero in less than a day, between things
• 45 minutes of phone time with a friend in Boston, talking over a creative project in the works
• new software and gadgets amassed through the week: a shotgun mic (finally!), two other mics on loan from a kind friend, JK Audio Inline Patch, a new hard drive to store our growing collection of video footage, Final Cut Express, a new camera bag—where is all of this leading?
• the effect of a nap and a hot shower on rot gut-level fatigue
• a husband who endures with me through the hard stuff
• stretchy clothes
• walking to Guru's for supper
• sharing a meal in the sun on the lawn of the Tabernacle
• a cool sax and a jazz singer outside the gelato shoppe covering "My Funny Valentine"
• the First Friday gallery stroll on the most perfect September evening
• sharing the last piece of cheesecake in the Coleman Gallery
Raquel's artwork—wet and terrific!—and oh, to buy a Phoenix . . .
Coal Umbrella, my beloved and drafty apartment of yesteryear (in its pre-jacuzzi days, for those of you like Raquel who might wonder) turned totally charming hipster boutique
• watching the second half of The Sound of Music with Rob and loving it
• an appointment with Patrick on Tuesday (finally, finally we will meet beneath the shears)


Jenny said...

Oh, Georgia, you sure are living life! l,j

Geo said...

Yeah, those earplugs definitely put me in the fast lane!

wendy said...

I so miss living close to a downtown and being in walking distance (or a quick vehicular jaunt) from groovy places. I love that you take advantage of it!

Geo said...

Wendy, downtown Provo gets more exciting all the time.

Gritty Pretty said...

geo, thanks for being at the opening! it makes my heart so glad every time i see you. that must have been very strange to see your old apartment like that...