25 August 2008

Today's guide to life's adventures

Failure to Yield—$82
Expired Driver's License—$40
American Fork City's Gratuity for having provided a place for a car wreck—$30

Still on the planet in one piece—PRICELESS


c-dub said...


Debra said...

Oh goodness. You really WERE lucky, weren't you? Don't be too hard on yourself. We've all been there. Sometimes we're lucky and avoid the collision, sometimes we're not.

Jamie said...

WOW! That's a lot worse that I imagined. Do you have any neck/back pain? You're right--PRICELESS!

Miss ya!

PS: Those flower pix, where were they taken? I totally thought they wer at the compund, but they're at your house? I am so excited to see the remodeling! XO

Geo said...

Hey, ladies, I'm enjoying more sunshine, walks, and bike rides. How could that possibly be a bad thing?

Debra, I have replayed the scenario over and over in my mind and still can't understand why my brain apparently turned off at the wrong moment. I just have to let it go. That's why it's called an "accident," right?

Jamie, I'm doing fine. Neck's still gets sore sometimes and I've got a knot in my arm, but everything's working and still in basic alignment. And my feet are working GREAT.

Yes, the flowers were shot in my "dining room" (have to use that phrase loosely). You're welcome to come and see my whitewashing!

wendy said...

Yuck. Definitely glad you're alive and well, though!

Geo said...

Me too. Very alive, very well!

swedemom said...

Priceless is right. So glad you are okay.

Amy said...

Oh, G, I'm so sorry! And so glad you're ok! And I think you're better at finding silver linings than anyone I've ever known. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by the other night--waking up to an inbox full of comments from you just made my whole day.

Lucky Red Hen said...


anna said...

i'm very happy you're still here. let's not contemplate the other option, k?

Jamie said...

Loved your comments at cjane today...I've been (and will be) pondering that same question. I mean, I have covenanted to sacrifice everything, but would I? And I keep thinking how hard it would be to go from being a ravishing beauty to looking scarred and strange from the outside. I have a hard enough time now dealing with my "decline"--the battle scars of child rearing (and nearly doubling my weight in 8 years), and it wasn't anything like a burn.

Anyway, I am rambling. I jsut wanted to say hello and I love you. Sometimes I wish I were a phone person because I've felt like talking to you lately :)

eclecticentertaining said...

So glad you are in one piece! Yes, that is why they call it an accident. Don't second guess yourself. That's why you have insurance.
I'm back blogging, old friend! Come see me!

Geo said...

SWEDEMOM, thanks.

AMY, it's because I've been looking at them show up in my hair for years.

And I'm so glad we're close enough that you don't have to worry about me being a stalker when I go on a comment binge.

LUCKY, indeedy.

ANNA, k.

(P.S. xo)

JAMIE, while I was out shopping earlier I crossed paths with a small lady who was obviously a full-body burn victim. It made me cry to see her scars, but even more so, to comprehend the apparent shame she felt. I wanted to put my arms around her and tell her just how beautiful she really is. I did it in my mind, and I'm doing it again now, with more tears. What a blow, and what patience and perspective is required of anyone who deals with such a change. I hear you about how hard it is to cope with just the ordinary structural changes that come with the years. That stuff's hard enough at times. Then multiply that by, what, a million? That might come a little close. Makes me want to figure out how to love people better and forget own stupid little gripes.

I love you too. And I hate the phone too. Oh well, here's a long-distance hug. xo

ECLECTIC, thanks and welcome back to the bloggerhood. I'll see you at your place.

sue-donym said...

oh, I just read this. I'm so glad you are ok.

YOU'RE priceless!

Geo said...

Ditto you, Sue.