17 August 2008

Sharing a hurt

It seems to me that most of you few good souls who follow my blog probably know Nie from NieNie Dialogues and love her, like I do. If you haven't checked in with Google Reader already this weekend, or heard the awful news from a neighbor in the bloggerhood, then you need to know that Nie and Mr. Nielson have been in a terrible accident, a plane crash, and are, according to family reports, in critical condition. I know that you will want to join me, in whatever way works with your personal beliefs and faith, in offering up prayers and positive, hopeful thoughts and healing support. The families and many of the friends of Stephanie and Christian Neilson will be fasting and praying for them tomorrow, and we have all been invited to join them. Have you ever fasted before? This is how Latter-day Saints approach fasting. However you choose to express your faith in behalf of these dear people, please keep them and their suffering families close to your heart.

I've been reading Nie for a long time now. I often check in on her delightful household while other blog posts pile up in my Reader. The thing that keeps going through my mind is that Nie and Mr. Nielson and their children are one of those families who prove, time and again, that life is beautiful and can be so full of joy with just a little effort.

God bless the Nielsons and their anxious families. Let's each show our gratitude for bright, dear friends and do our part to petition for those blessings we wish for them.


anna said...

geo, i'm very sorry to hear about your friend, my prayers and thoughts are with you/them.

wendy said...

I just barely read about them in an unusual moment of blog lurking (which I do so little of lately). I will include them in my prayers.

Jamie said...

This is just stunning.

I was floored and so, so sad when I read about Nie on Cjane today.

I was too late to join the fast, but I joined the prayers immediately.

Geo said...

Anna, thanks, darlin'.

Wendy, I've turned into an infrequent lurker too. Don't feel badly.

Jamie, it's never too late to join a fast in my opinion. Any deposit of faith we can make, at any time, is going to go into the general account of care.