12 August 2008

Seeing the hand

I haven't been blogging here much lately. I have, for over two weeks now, been consistently journalling in a private spot about the blessings that find me each day. Two Sundays ago I was in a church class and made a comment referencing a talk that really impacted me last fall. It's one of those that seems to have impacted many others as well, because I hear it mentioned with some regularity. President Henry B. Eyring suggested a really uplifting practice that can be a help to us in the here and now and can potentially be a help to those close to us—First, pray and meditate each day on two questions: Did God send a message that was just for me? Did I see His hand in my life or the lives of my family? Second, find some way to preserve that memory. I did that for a while after hearing that talk and then let the practice fall by the wayside. But two weeks ago, when I referred to that talk and that specific suggestion, I felt a strong urge to pick up the habit again. So, I've been writing my heart out each night, sometimes staying up way too late in the process (gotta fix that), and this blog, which I fully intended to revive, has continued to be neglected.

The really astonishing thing, no matter how many days in a row I realize it afresh, is that the more I look for these blessings, the more blessings I uncover. Even last Friday, the day I destroyed our only vehicle and knocked myself into pain and shock, when I sat down for my nightly accounting, I saw that the day was "pressed down, shaken together, and running over" with blessings.

This morning the blessings didn't even wait for me to get out of bed; one, an early phone message I didn't reach in time to answer, jolted me out of sleep. Never mind that I'd had a really rough night; after that it was time to get up and see what else was waiting for my attention.

Ii decided that I'd try to snap a few photos of my proof of the Lord's hand in my life today. Here's a little tour you can share with me.

Wonderful kind friends we haven't talked to for months, and haven't seen in much longer, left a truck in front of our house, with keys under a seat, so we'd have something to drive this week if we need to.

Our dining table was awash in magical light when I came upstairs to get ready for the day.

I tried out C-Dub's yummy homemade soap during my morning shower. Nice! It reminded me of her loving visit on Sunday. Again, I was reminded that I am blessed with good friends.

My senses all work, and they bring me incredible joy, every every every day. Especially my my sense of smell—I am a bloodhound, and aren't I lucky to know a little something about aromatherapy?

I got to have breakfast with a man who has both a funny sense of humor and a pair of talented eyeglasses.

(And breakfast was simple and tasty.)

I have two feet and they work. Clean sidewalks, good sandals, and a sparkling disco ball pedicure—these made my walking errands so much nicer.

I saw opportunity all around me . . .

. . . and inspiring ideas.

I made a deal with Gary of the Tiaras for a new old couch. My house just got another step closer to my personal aesthetic.

I get to be married to man who wishes he wore old iron glasses.

I like to cook, and we eat a lot of good food. I came up with a nice new combination at lunchtime: buckwheat noodles with garlic, green onions, bok choy, and parmesan (or was it romano? or pecorino? I forget). We are blessed every day with enough, and frequently with tasty.

I got the chance to say goodbye to a dear friend who's been a sweet part of my life for the past year or so. I am going to miss her and her family, but I just know we'll meet up again someday. And anyway, I wouldn't have missed the acquaintance for anything. I've learned from her and had the deep pleasure of working together for something really important—the growth, happiness, and well-being of a small group of young women. I've seen this great lady be the Lord's hands on many occasions. Happy trails, my friend! The midwest is lucky to be receiving you and yours.

This isn't all, of course, only what I snapped photos of. I've abbreviated for you here, to spare you (and myself) some brain strain, but it's a little taste of what a quick, plain day can hold. I call even this a lot of blessings, and a lot of proof that a higher, loving, communicative power is at work in my life. As it is in yours.

What do you say? Did God send a message today that was just for you? Did you see His hand in your life or the lives of your family?


Becca said...

Martin would totally go for those iron glasses too. We have some sunglasses of similar vintage and shape that he picked up years ago hoping to replace the lenses....

You've always been an impressive example of deliberately looking for the hand, thanks.

Geo said...

Thanks for that, Bec o' my heart. It's something that hasn't come to me naturally, but I try.

Rob tried on several other pairs of funky old glasses at Gary's place, but the iron ones were the best. Rob said maybe they'd rust his nose, but I think he ought to get them. He's due for a new prescription soon anyway, and is getting tired of his 2-for-1 deal frames.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Georgia.

This was so nice to read.

I loved that talk. And I feel the same way: the more I focus on noticing the blessings, the more there seem to be.

Geo said...

ELIZABETH. Reading your comment, I'm reminded of Alma 37:47—"Look to God and live." After deliberately focusing harder on blessings for a period of time, it's easier to understand what that means. Seems like the choice to habitually see and appreciate the good really enlivens the whole self. Kind of exciting, really.

c-dub said...

This is a wonderful post and such a timely message. I am happy for you that a truck appeared on your curb and that Rob's glasses are so talented and for lots lots more.

How are your pretty bruises? Hope they are fading away and you're feeling better soon.

Geo said...

C-DUB. My arm looks like a melting box of crayons that is slowly dripping its way down toward my wrist. Bruises, aside from the ouch factor, can be so entertaining.

c-dub said...

Happy Anniversary!

Geo said...

Thanks! It was.

wendy said...

Georgia, this was lovely and timely. I'd been doing a little of this, but hadn't gone back to the talk to really remember what he said. I need to get more in the habit.

Geo said...

Wendy, try it, you'll like it!

(I owe you a letter and will produce one soon, and gladly!)

anna said...

geo, i love your stories and photos! they make me want to be GOOD with a capital G. Thanks for writing.

Geo said...

Annie, wow, what a nice thing to say. You make me HAPPY with a capital H.