21 August 2008

Nie times three

First, this:
Please notice my sidebar and the link for donating to NieNie. If you don't know yet why it's there, please do read my previous two posts and, more importantly, check out C Jane's blog to get yourself caught up.

Second, this:

"Celebration of Hope" Balloon Launch
Saturday, 23 August 2008, time TBA (5:45/6:00 p.m. till ?)
Kiwanis Park, Provo, Utah

Please come prepared to launch your good wishes, prayers, and support in behalf of our friends. Helium balloons will be available for purchase at $1 apiece. Every dollar will go to the Stephanie and Christian Nielson rehab fund.

Come and enjoy food, entertainment, hot air balloons, and most of all, extending your love and help.

If anybody wants more details, Denae is the woman in charge, and you can email me—pogofig at gmail—for her contact info.

Third, this:
Rob and I hiked to the Y in honor of Nie, who reportedly has a habit of running all the way to the top and back down again. I can't say that I even kept a respectable walking pace the whole time, but it was a lovely perambulation just the same. We took our headlamps so we could find our way back down the mountain. I think we'll do it again and take our guitars next time.


A gentle start.


Good advice for life!

The happy hikers.

Pretty stickyheads.

Magpie nest.

Japanese girls, out of breath.

Give this wood a sniff—it smells like hard-breathing, sweaty hikers.

Friendly, half-naked, law-breaking trail enthusiast (friends also on motorized bikes not pictured).

Geneva Steel's still on the map.


The top of the Y.

Tired feet, big city.

Resting on the Y.

See the temple?

Due west.

Utah Lake and beyond.



cw said...

You're so great. Thanks for taking me with you up there via your photos because I never would have made it in person. Although all night long the night before last I dreamed I was running a marathon to raise money for Nie. I'm not such a bad runner in my dreams.

Love you--

Geo said...

CW, you nailed it—this support effort is something of a marathon. You're inspired. You're also a great runner in your waking life, very able and fit in the most beautiful, vital ways. I think you could make it to the Olympics with your spirit. (Don't gag; I mean it.) I'm always glad to be on your team.

As for the Y hike, it was rough on the knee that still remembers a high school injury, but luckily I'm not having to pay for it too much now. I never know till after the fact.

Love you too.

wendy said...

You two are such a groovy couple. I love those Y pictures. I'm glad there are so many efforts to help Nie.

~j. said...

HOORAY!!! Stephanie is gonna love this post when she reads it.

Geo said...

Wendy, groovy? I know that's a compliment, coming from you. I'll take it!

~j., not only did I think about Nie all along the way but I also thought about you and your victory over the Y. I feel pretty sure that both of you can make that pretty trek faster than I can!

Kalli Ko said...

I will try to be there! Depending on how my nub is doing. I think it's so great to do this for the Nielson's and Clark's.

much love to you and yours

Geo said...

Kalli! I hope to see you and your nub there.

Love to you too!

liz said...

geo you are wso pretty! I love those pictures of you both together. new camera? crisp shots. love them all actually.

p.s. someday we'll chat live and I will have to remember not to be a lugie-spitter. you crack ME up!

Geo said...

Thanks, Liz! But everybody looks nice in that magic hour golden light. It's almost as good as black and white. And of course, there's the careful editing on my part—don't post the conehead pictures, etc.

Yes, it's a newish camera. I settled for a Nikon D40, and I really like it.

If I ever get the privilege of talking to you in person, you have my permission to spit all the lugies you want (or need?) to. Just PLEASE give me fair warning so I can close my eyes and plug my ears (or better yet, run from the room, like I do when Rob flushes his nose with allergy rinse).

Chemical Billy said...

Oh! I'd read in the news about the plane crash, and something answered in me, and now I see a connection. Many good thoughts are going their way.

And beautiful, beautiful pictures.

Julie said...

You are beautiful, my friend! Truly.

Your photos brought me right along with you. I don't know if we'll make it on Saturday, but I'd still like the details just in case I can swing it.

Geo said...

Billy, why don't you come and hike there with me? The train station is two blocks from my house.

Julie, Denae originally said 5:45 p.m. Topher says 6:00 p.m. I say get there early and enjoy a few moments of quiet in the park before the launchers come to send their loving wishes to heaven.

Thanks, you ladies.

Oh, and I'm with Topher—I'd better not hear anybody complaining about how balloons are an environmental hazard. Save it for later, people.

Jamie said...

I was proofreading my blog today and this sentence made me laugh and think of YOU:
"I do wish Georgia would just give the rebel provinces back to Russia instead of trying to force them to want to be in a democracy--it doesn't work that way!"
Yeah, Georgia! Dont' you now how it works? ;)
I wish I could be there for balloons tomorrow evening...I wonder if the satellites will see them. It could be 99 Luftballoons all over again! Please take lots of pix and blog it for me. I will be at the hotel, but I will give my loves helium balloons to send off, and I won't even worry about them choking Bison or clogging a geyser in Yellowstone ;)
Oh, how I love and miss you...it's high time for a Utah trip! Or better yet, you should come see Yellowstone in the fall!

Becca said...

cute pictures of you guys.

Em said...

Georgia, you are most lovely. I'm so glad you did this (wish I could do it too, (hike the Y) wrote about that very fact on my blog today.) Thanks for this beautiful post, though, felt like I was hiking right along with you and I loved every photographic step of the journey. *sigh*

Lucky Red Hen said...

y'all look secksy in those pics, muah!