28 August 2008

Money (That's What I Want for NieNie Day)

Hey, I ain't too proud to beg.

So, here's what I'm auctioning, a limited-edition letterpress/woodcut broadside:

Here's a description of the piece and why you'll love it.

And here's where the bidding is happening, from now till Saturday night.

Don't forget the other great auctions happening this weekend. You can find the master list of offerings here. Maybe it's time for you to consider taking out a second mortgage.


Jamie said...

I have to save all my pennies for Europe, but man, I LOOOOOOVE that poem! It reminds me of the long and detailed letters Martin used to send to Jeanne and me while building/living at the S. St. Marie counpound.

So beautiful.

Jamie said...

what? I mean COMPUND.

Jamie said...

Oh my heck! This is what I get for typing and feeding James at the same time! COMPOUND already! ')

Geo said...

Europe. Wooooow. Lucky you.

Hey, I'm only the typo police when editing for Tryst or doing some bonafide writing. No worries.

Jamie said...

I am beyond lucky, Geo, and every day I fight with myself about all the OTHER things we could do with the "extra" money Rich made this summer. We've replenished the savings, filled out the food storage, and paid for the trip. It's a dream of Rich's , so I am his lucky companion on this adventure and I will try to be excited and fanciful rather than my practical boring self. :)

Elizabeth said...

Mmmm...loved what you said about her passing.

Makes me warm.