10 July 2008

Doug Fabrizio strikes again

"The only book that should be written is the one that can't not be written."

I was just listening to a podcast episode of Radio West, and book critic Gail Caldwell repeated this quote, and it stopped me in my tracks. What do you think of this? Does it ring true for you? I think it might for me, but I've got to chew on it some more. What about art? How does this statement apply to art? How does it apply to blogging? (Now there's a dangerous question.)

Thoughts, anyone?


Azúcar said...

I don't know what that says about blogging, but I do know that Dougie will try to connect this statement to the larger culture, the patriarchal church, and the man vs. man vs. nature conflict within us all.

And I've just about had it with him.

Gritty Pretty said...

i love your stunningly beautiful template. That's a template that "can't not be."

i like that the quote implies an achievable "rightness". my vote is that it can be applied to every art (especially the culinary arts and the meal that MUST be made). but the quote should not be applied to the "art" of commenting! comments are a no-lose situation 'cause they always feel right!! (unless they're mean.)

btw, dougie has excellent hair, its better in person than on that pbs show he's been doing.

Geo said...

azúcar: Do you know this fellow? If you do, ask him to do an impersonation of Doug Fabrizio. He's dead-on with it, and I promise it will make you smile.

gritty: Thanks! And I do agree with your comments on all things arts and hair.

Geo said...

Whoops. Lemme try that link again.

THIS guy.

Chemical Billy said...

It's an interesting thought. Along the lines of what gritty pretty points out, it assumes a certain platonic ideal of "rightness."

Dude, I struggle with this question a lot. What must be written? I have a lot of grand ideas for Big, Important Books. But often what won't give up in my brain, the thing that insists and insists, is rather Small.

In fact, I'm stalled on Book #2 (which has so many Big, Important themes, like sin and redemption and forgiveness), so I've started Book #3. It's so much smaller, but my brain won't let it go. So is that the one that must be written?

A part of me seems to think so, but some people might disagree.

wendy said...

I don't think I agree with the quote. I do agree with azucar. I get so mad at Doug sometimes. Then there are those interviews that draw me in and make me willing to tune in just once more (I mean, when I was in the car during his show. Now that I'm home, I rarely listen to him--not wanting to sound more up on things than I am!).

Along a different vein, I think we've all got a story to tell. I have felt an unsung song in me at times. One that, if I were talented at composition, I'd surely compose.

Lois said...

I have no idea who this guy is.

I think that as far as my blogging goes, nothing SHOULD be written. I should be cleaning my messy house.

Azúcar said...

I don't know him, but his wife looks so familiar.

marshall p said...

mmm. the thing is everything you write or make or paint or whatever leads you to the next thing that you are going to write or make or paint. it's all connected. so in a sense, there's nothing that doesn't need to be written... if you need to write it to get to the next place.

except maybe, you know, really gross things.

I like this quote from miles davis,
"there are no mistakes."

I don't know how true it is, but it's something that I like to imagine is true on some level.

Joseph Bennion said...

My first pottery teacher said this to me. "Joe, the Good Lord spent the last 4.5 billion years getting that piece of clay to this point. Don't do anything in the next five minutes to mess it up." Pretty intimidating words. Art has to be made, so some trees must die and hills be dug up. I see a lot of drivel in the name of art. If it is truly from the heart and not for the pocket book or ego it really must be made.
Joe the Potter

i i eee said...

I don't really see why it should matter if it can or cannot be written. Just write the darn thing!