07 April 2008

Taking a pulse

It's time again for me to dump my collection of blog referrals onto the table and count up what I've got. I find it no end of fun to see how random people doing internet searches find their way to Bright Street. Do any of them stick around? Who knows? Here are some of the roads that led them here:

dalai lama and miscarriage
Pattycake Kiss Me
"yurt" + "boulder, UT"
melody husband tucson
my very dear sarah, the indications are very strong that we shall leave in a few days, perhaps tomorrow
byu broadcast grandson ghandi
vintage blues blogspot
snow globes moroni
"collard poems"
Memory is the thing you forget with
agnes boy's name
interview, President Monson, yesterday
"who hurt you who hurt you" family guy
"massage table" sketch or drawing
making fabric fortune cookies
Passage to Zarahernia
giving you another chance poem
"georgia on my mind"
lortab on the street
i'm manic
"More Fours" - North Carolina
How melt silver in home therapy

And here are some topics that recently pointed to Bright Street as the #1 choice on Google:

"multiple splits" on one hair
Name matchmaker laura wattenberg
spanky ward crossroads
strawberry baby agnes
Little Sister Izzy Dr. Seuss


Lucky Red Hen said...

Haha, spanky ward crossroads :)

Lois said...

I've always wanted to do this myself and see how people are finding my blog, but I'm concerned that:

1 -- no one is finding it

2 -- people ARE finding it

Not quite sure which is worse.

Becca said...

i still don't know HOW you track who is finding your blog or how. maybe it is better that i don't know; the whole exercise could paralyze me and i'd never write again.

andi said...

I have noticed that I get LOTS of hits from people googling "kids topless". Slightly terrifying to say the least. The Topless word was used to describe a violin that had the top removed. Not the reference most stalkers are interested in. I have been meaning to get around to posting about this little issue.

i i eee said...

Passage to Zarahernia.


i i eee said...

Re: Andi's comment...I keep mentioning to friends and family to not put all of their family's personal information on their blogs...so creepy.