09 March 2008

Silver white winters that melt into springs

These are a few of my favorite things (from today):

•mercifully not having the early church schedule this morning after I (a) stayed up too late last night and (b) forgot it was the weekend to spring forward the clock
•reading in bed
•the big debut of my "new" thrift store dress (most of the world didn't notice, but Rob liked it)
•little floods of ideas
Opera Miss came to church today after a long hiatus and we got to laugh with her and her mom
•Opera Miss was accepted to the music program at the U, natch!
•being the recipient of a partial gum wrapper manicure during the Young Women lesson
•watching the first two bees of 2008 dive head-first into our yellow crocuses and vigorously throw their whole buzzing bodies into the work of gathering pollen
•watching Rob give his favorite new tie to his dad because his dad really liked it (an even bigger deal because Rob very rarely buys new ties)
•three extended family dogs enjoying a friendly reunion, and dancing around and around each other till their leashes were tightly braided and they turned themselves into a barking three-headed beast
•reminiscing about the time Oscar(ina), our old neighbors' pathetically affectionate and emotionally neglected backyard Bassett Hound, wrapped about a mile of leash cocoon-style around the little girl who always teased him/her, and nearly dog-kissed the kid's screaming face off before her parents rescued her
•having our first sit-down visit with our newest next-door neighbors
•driving to the lake to find out if the spring peepers had started up their love songs yet (nope)
•taking the back way home, stopping to visit some horses in a field, and introducing them to shelled pistachios and peppermint Altoids (big hits, both)
•parking on a dead end road and listening to an exquisite sunset
•the moon's smile, even more slim and sly than it was last night
•kisses without whisker puncture wounds
•after receiving a particular email, getting a favorite song from my childhood stuck in my head, and then finding this version of it on YouTube (I'll post the lyrics for Lois since she has has dial-up):

I'd do anything
For you, dear, anything
For you mean everything
To me, I know that

I'd go anywhere
For your smile, anywhere
For your smile, everywhere
I'd see

Would you climb a hill? Anything!
Wear a daffodil? Anything!
Leave me all your will? Anything!
Even pay my bill? One hundred bucks?!

I'd risk everything
For one kiss, everything
Yes I'd do anything (Anything?)
Anything for you!

Would you lace my shoe? Anything!
Paint your face bright blue? Anything!
Catch a kangaroo? Anything!
Go to Timbuktu? And back again!

I'd risk everything
For one kiss, everything
Yes I'd do anything
Anything for you!


Rynell said...

Loved your thankful list!

I love to listen to exquisite sunsets.

And hooray for husbands that (in my case) finally shave and eliminate kissing puncture wounds.

Jamie said...

Love you, Geo! Did you get neighbors in the empty house or a new one at our old digs? I miss you and I miss Buchert gatherings! Happy very-beginning-of-spring!!

sara said...

A beautiful list.

Geo said...

RYNELL. Praise to the man who communes with a razor!

JAMIE. The formerly empty house. And they've been there a while, but we've done all our visiting in our front yards and at church till now for some dumb reason.

SARA. Thanks!

b. said...

That is the cutest song!!

And you are the cutest you!!

sue-donym said...

I love thrift store dresses! Will you wear it for us soon? I miss you!

Geo said...

B. I haven't been called cute for many, many years.

Takes one to know one.

I know you are, but what am I?

SUE-DO. What you have GOT to know is that EVERY time you see me I am likely wearing thrifted haute couture! I am a true Second-Hand Rose.

I miss you too!

compulsive writer said...

I love your lists as well as the fact that you included the lyrics for our dear Lois with Dial-up.

Happy Tuesday to you.

andi said...

Suddenly I want to wear a Daffodil! ... One hundred daffodils for SPRING.

wendy said...

great list and wonderful song! Thanks, Geo!

eclecticentertaining said...

I always love to read your thankful list and I always ALWAYS smile and laugh out loud at your YouTube posts. Your blog makes me happy.

Geo said...

C-DUB. Lois is still living my nightmare (dial-up) and so I feel for her.

ANDI. You ARE a daffodil. Among other wonderful things.

WENDY. Glad to share!

ECLECTIC. I'm glad you "get" my sense of YouTube humor. YouTube is the greatest free thing since Lois' mini-Wonder Breads on Halloween.

Lois said...

Thanks for the lyrics! I loved that song in "Oliver."

Nigel said that if I cleaned the house, we could get real Internet. Well, I've been cleaning like crazy.

Geo said...

LOIS. How clean does it have to be? Your house always looks clean when I'm there.

Lois said...

Oh, you're so kind. No, it has to be clean enough that we won't be embarrassed to have the cable guy (or whatever they do when you get real Internet) enter our home and NOT need a tetanus shot afterwards.

Geo said...

LOIS. I guess I have a high tolerance for dirt then, or else you're good at making things look great in the few seconds between the knock at your front door and opening it to welcome your visitors.