26 January 2008

This wah-wah's for Andi

I couldn't decide which of these you'd like better, so I'm posting all three. Rock on! (I hope this helps you forget your Calcutta blues for a while.)

What's that? You can't take anymore? Well, at least I didn't subject you to the guy dressed like Jimi Hendrix playing the National Anthem with a tire pump and a wah-wah pedal.

(I promise, no more manualist after this for at least a week. Really. I can quit anytime!)


andi said...

I just played all three at the same time. It was getting late and I thought it would be more efficient. Not recommended for those with pace-makers!

But it did wonders for my self-pity. It's a bit like Drano for the clogged psyche. Brilliant. Thanks, doll!

compulsive writer said...

This isn't nearly so entertaining, but you might call it knittataining. It made me think of you.

eclecticentertaining said...

I laughed so hard, tears were falling down my face. My favorite was the Star Wars cantina music. I listened to all of them on YouTube!

Geo said...

ANDI. You are all about economy. Was it more or less creepy than clicking the handicap symbol next to the comment box?

C-DUB. My kind of spray paint!

ECLECTIC. Oh no, another addict! I feel like a pusher!