07 December 2007

Epiphany, buffet, bubbles & living snow globes


1. When I was struggling with intense feelings of loneliness this morning, an impression came like a voice in my mind: You can always talk to ME. So as I did slow laps in the fieldhouse before my walking partner showed up, I began to talk to God (very quietly and discreetly, so my track neighbors wouldn't become alarmed if they discovered I was having a conversation but not wearing a phone headset) about what I was thinking of and anticipating for the day. It felt a little awkward because I am not practiced at being . . . chatty, for lack of a better word . . . in prayer, but I realized that free-form open-ended communication with God, like the kind that happens between good friends, is a simple and accessible strategy for overcoming one of the particular effects of depression. The realization that I am never alone was very welcome.

2. I was invited to an impromptu lunch with two friends who blow me away with their beauty and goodness and grace. I feel incredibly fortunate to know them.

2-1/2. I got to see with my eyes and hear with my ears and feel with my heart that my prayers in behalf of a friend are beginning to be answered.

3. Rob agreed to go with me when I accompanied the YW to Salt Lake to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square. That made the evening even more lovely. Because he is an alpha driver, he relieved me of my designated chauffeur status, and I was free to sit farther back in the big van and play a game with another leader's 9-month-old daughter: I blew a bubble with my watermelon Extra, she watched the process with big eyes and great interest and then lifted her index finger to touch the bubble, the bubble popped, I chewed my gum and she mimicked me. Rinse. Repeat. When I took too long with a bubble, she squawked. Fun!

3-1/2. The Salt Lake Temple was marvelously beautiful as the snow, which danced and glowed in the spotlights pointed toward the angel Moroni, fell quietly upon it.


Am'n2deep said...

You know how much you enjoyed your lunch with loved ones today? I'm thinking that's how Heavenly Father feels when we accept an invitation to a little impromptu chat with Him.

The best part about talking to Him when struggling with depression, is that it's safe. You can just express any and all of your thoughts and feelings freely without fear of judgement or being misunderstood.

Love you, Geo!

compulsive writer said...

(Love am'n2deep's comment, by the way.)

So with you on 2 and 2 1/2. And for me I would expand my fabulous two to include 2.75, that you were so spontaneous and 2.80, meeting Gary of the Tiaras and friends and 2.85, seeing all the pretty baubles and things in the antique shop and 2.9, getting warm and fuzzy in the yarn shop.

I am glad your trip was more relaxing than you expected and happy for your safe return.

b. said...

I'm so happy you had a safe and delightful evening with your girls.

Understanding the meaning of both am's comment and your first paragraph, and the power of prayer on one's behalf is what's beautiful to me right now.

I'm thinking I parked on the wrong side of the building to have missed out on 2.75-2.9. However, the effect of the pure goodness of our time together rippled to touch another's lonely soul after I left you....more beautiful things, that's what we need.

Love you.

Geo said...

I'm surrounded by spiritual giants. How did this happen?

BTW, I love all three of you women.

AM'N. I believe you are right. You are very wise. I'm of the opinion that true wisdom is always simple and always welcoming, not exclusive. Not rigid. Not tricky. Whew for that.

C-DUB. Thank you. I suspect 2.80 and 2.85 were also pleasant for G of the T. He is a caring, genuinely friendly creature, and I think the antique shop grows a little solitary sometimes, even with his work partner and his dog there. I dare you to make his acquaintance further. He's the bomb, just like you.

B. We all need each other's prayers, and that is also beautiful to me. The big picture of our lives makes the necessity of interdependence so obvious, and so downright sweet and joyful, really.

C-dub graciously offered to drive me home after our meal when she found out I was on foot. I dragged her with me to Heindselman's en route to her car, and we were sucked into G of the T's shop, which is right next door. I wish you'd been with us to meet him and do a quick antiques-drool. Next time I'll try to think ahead more than 30-45 seconds. You'd love Gary, and you could lay down some serious money in his place. Like you need to do that.

b. said...

I was right where I needed to be, however.....I would love to meet G of the T and his shop.

b. said...

I coulda swang by and picked you up, had I known......(still shakin' my head that I let that one fly)

Queen Scarlett said...

That was a beautiful post. I remember having conversations with God like that back in college...I think I'm due for one... He's always waiting.

Aren't babies so much fun... I love seeing things new through their eyes.

Geo said...

B. I want to hear about your post-curry adventure.

And I LOVE the word swang. I mean, really, I love it. When I hear it in my head, it's pronounced a la North Carolina. Remember, I'm a Southern girl. No need to regret!

QUEEN. I feel like I'm back in college with all the lessons that are coming at me lately.

That little red-haired baby and I made quite a game of the gum tricks—we were stuck in rush hour traffic and bad roads for a long time, and neither of us got tired of playing. Although my jaws began to hurt from all that chewing!

andi said...

See, you're good. You have real epiphanies. I only get epiphanettes -- very little bursts of things that are above the normal manifestations.

Geo said...

ANDI. Your cookies have better fortunes inside. It's practically the same thing. (But I'm still mad at my cookies.)

i i eee said...

I admit, I'm much too chatty with Heavenly Father most of the time...but I think He understands.

Geo said...

I I E EE. Is it possible to be too chatty in prayer? I really doubt it. I bet it's such a relief to him to hear from somebody who really knows how to talk.

Lois, Our Lady of Blogs said...

I'm always excited when other people offer to drive (which is why I always made you drive me places in MY car).

I would love to invite you out to lunch sometime, but do you remember what happened the last time I did that? I don't think I ever ate Indian food again.

Geo said...

LOIS. Somehow I don't think it counts when you make me drive because you are IN LABOR.

Oh, yes, I still remember very very vividly our Indian adventure! (I bet I'm not the only one.) I'm so glad Nigel survived the experience.