26 November 2007

Me-Me U

Devise a list of 5-10 courses you would take to fix your life. It's more fun to be in classes with friends, so include one class from the person who tagged you that you'd also like to take. Tag five.

I've been tagged! Well, this meme-turn comes at exactly the right time, smack dab in the middle of my dreaming about going back to school. So here's an unexpected opportunity to make a dreamy new start and transform my entire life with just a few easy classes! Whoopee! Watch me work.

A class which I would jump at the chance to take is Humor 101 with am'n2deep, my friendly bloggerhood tagger. I think a full semester of serious belly laughs in good company would go far toward clearing my mind and possibly tightening my muffin top so I could squeeze back into my old jeans.

Next, I'd fill my schedule with the following classes, recent additions to the Me-Me U academic catalog:

•PSYCH 413: Sugar Aversion Therapy (lab required)
•EXSC 171: Swimming for Water Chickens
•BIOL 347R: Forty and Fertile
•REL C 090: Remedial Visiting Teaching (non-credit)
•TMA 121: Breathe, Relax, Find Your Voice
•ENGL 518R: Just Get It Written, Already!
•CHEM 698R: Kissing—Master's Project
•VASTU 220R: Art Techniques for the Undiscovered
•DANCE 184: Living Room Salsa Dancing
•WS 392R: Mood Swings for Fun & Profit

Who want's to play next? How about rc cola!, andi, lois, nigel, and livs, if you can stand it? I don't think I've picked on any of you with this meme stuff before.

P.S. Any of you other lovely chums who wish to be picked on, please pick yourselves for this meme. I already picked you as friends, and as far as I'm concerned it's a standing pick. xo


Am'n2deep said...

Well worth the wait! Very creative and useful. Some of these I would like to add to my own wish list. Swimming for Water Chickens sounds especially intriguing.

compulsive writer said...

I think your Chem 698R is brilliant--as is your title for this post. Spot on!

Kalli Ko said...

sign me up for chem 698 and psych314


Queen Scarlett said...

You are hilarious... sign me up for psych
chem - there is a lab required and we bring our own partners right?

Your biol class makes me giggle. Did you sign up to be the TA?

Geo said...

Looks like we're going to have to add another section of CHEM 698R. Yes, yes, students, please bring your own partners. If there's enough interest, however, maybe we'll also need to create a solo lips section.

andi said...

Did you know that this is my very first tag of my year long blogging life? The pressure. It's like not being asked to speak in sacrament meeting for a really long time and feeling like you got away with something naughty.

I'm in.

Geo said...

ANDI. Except that here you can continue to get away with something naughty. I won't take away your recommend.

Lois, Our Lady of Blogs said...

Love this, but I don't feel that I can compete with your classes or the ones that Compulsive Writer had on her meme. You guys are too witty and creative for me. Despite my refusal to be tagged, I decided to blog about YOU instead. Check it out!

Oh, I still have no desire to go back to school. YUCK!

Geo said...

LOIS. I go back to school all the time in my dreams, and it's usually disastrous—I forget to go to class, I forget to study, it's time for finals and I didn't know I was signed up, etc. I figure if I make up my own classes I'll do better academically.

I'm off to see your blog now!


Olivia said...

aw! you tagged me. maybe i should just come to the u of geo? any and all of these classes would do me a world of good.

i i e ee said...

Ooh, ooh, I was tagged!

I'll definitely have to do this one next week. Pretty fun -especially since I'm thinking of actually going to grad school! {eep!}

Nigel said...

Psych 413 - convincing friends, relatives, ward members, complete strangers, and sometimes your own nuclear family that "full-time artist" is NOT a euphamism for lazy a$$ slacker...

Geo said...

OLIVIA. I'd probably be first in line to sign up for any classes you designed.

I I E EE. Grad school! You are dedicated! That's exciting, for sure.

NIGEL. Oh. Yeah. Sign us both up.