27 October 2007


This is dedicated to ~j. as well as everyone else who's had or been a misguided angel of a visiting teacher. I confess that in my umpteen years of trying to reach out and let myself be reached, I have found myself on both sides of the problem. Right now, I'd feel better if I could even say I was a blip on the Stupid VT Tricks radar, like the women in this short film, but the truth is, I have been an absentee visitor and teacher for way too long. I'm a ghost—just in time for Halloween—quick, somebody, get me a Charlie Brown sheet. When my sweet sister-in-law Annie sent me this corny reminder about doing this important service with heart and soul, I didn't mind her unintentional chastisement. It arrived when I was already trying to lay my Big Plan for change. (It's always a Big Plan, isn't it? And I suppose therein lies the danger; Big Plans—when they don't fall through, that is—are never as effective as plain ol' "small and simple" efforts. And sheesh, am I just procrastinating further as I rattle on and on about it? Blah blah blah. Watch this movie. The end.)


Am'n2deep said...

So, I know there has been a lot said about my 4 year old already, but just now, as I was watching, she came to join me. When she saw the picture of Jesus she said, "It's Jesus! I love him. My heart starts today."

I think she got the message.

Lucky Red Hen said...

I don't remember the last time I had VT's come over. Hmm.

Kalli Ko said...

Okay Geo, I'm going to admit here that I have serious issues with visiting teaching. I don't like doing it, and I don't like having it done. And I feel massive guilt on both counts.

I do my VT, but mostly to keep my RS president off my back. I know, I know, not for the right reasons.

And this is my confession.

andi said...

How come the music was better when they were wicked and got schlocky when they got righteous. Maybe what the Relief Society needs is a better soundtrack to do their visiting teaching by?

compulsive writer said...

To quote on of my favorite labels over at Good Mommy/Bad Mommy: I suck and I succeed.

I went from having the most attentive visiting teacher ever (almost too attentive, you know?) to having no one come and a visiting teacher who didn't even know who I was until a couple of months ago. I will admit I missed it.

Then just last month they gave me back my former visiting teacher. I feel a little spoiled.

You know the best kind are those who are your friends long after the visiting teaching route changes. They're my favorite.

Geo said...

am'n: You know something, that's really profound. I will try to keep your 4-year-old's wisdom in my head today.

lucky: Hey, maybe I'm your visiting teacher! How's Tuesday work for you?

kalli: I like your honesty. You're not alone in your feelings—I think I am qualified to say that, since I have felt the same ways myself, too many times to count. But I have also had some really brilliant experiences, as well as some bumblingly nonimpressive but warm and real moments, and so I do know that it can be a rewarding effort. I think it's valuable, so why my ongoing foot-dragging? Aargh.

andi: You cut to the chase as always. Why don't they put you on the Relief Society board?

c-dub: I think my favorite visiting teachers were the pair of shriveled ancients I had several years ago. I know they were both at least 300. They brought such a feeling of love and concern with them, and always had an uplifting message for me. Every time they sat in my living room I felt I was in the presence of spit-shined, back-combed angels, truly. I would get distracted while they talked and think, "How come these two haven't been translated yet?" That era in my life, of course, was followed by the monthly nothingness of neglect, the kind I have recently been cranking out.

I have not always been a loser though. Once in my life I can say I didn't suck and I succeeded at visiting teaching. Does anybody know or recognize the little wacky woman who dances like a star with the Little Caesar's sign on the corner of Bullldog and State? SHE thinks I am the best VTer in the world, to this day! That's hopefully going to save my butt sometime, someplace, in some day of reckoning or other.

Phoebe said...

Visiting teaching is one of those programs that I have a testimony of, but I still don't get it done adn to be honest, I don't really like doing it. What does that say about me?

Queen Scarlett said...

...funny - but for some reason watching it was just as painful as vting. hehehe

I don't mind doing VTing if people aren't anal about it. I always give my VTers the benefit of time. We're all busy so I don't have a cow if they don't come visit me... one less thing to deal with.

I like VTing when it's not so forced and formatted. I'll do a girls night or a lunch and not mention the lesson or the rote "so what can we do for you?" question.

wendy said...

Ooh, good timing. I have fantastic visiting teachers, but am not one myself . . . though I've made improvements . . . and that's something, isn't it?

Geo said...

phoebe: It says you're in conflict, like me!

queen: I dunno, I thought the rock through the window approach was pretty effective! But GNO/lunch sounds even better. I say you're inspired!

wendy: I think so, and hope so! It's all about process. That's what I keep reminding myself.

Rynell said...

That video should be presented at the VT conference that they squeeze into R.S. once a year.

I must say I feel relief when my visiting teaching is done, but sometimes have to drag myself out the door to do it.

~j. said...

Thank you.

Worthy of our very best effort.


Geo said...

rynell: So many really worthwhile things are like that, eh? I am having that same experience with early morning walking/running right now. Doesn't mean I don't want to do it. The spirit is willing, you know, but the flesh . . . !

~j.: Hm, indeed. That's what I thought too. Must . . . shed . . . my . . . reluctant . . . skin . . . !

clbm said...

Visiting Teaching. I don't like it; I don't like doing it; I don't like them coming over just to 'visit teach'; and I don't like having a lesson forced upon me when I've already read it in the Ensign.

Now. Will I ever get to that great beyond???? But thanks for letting me vent.