13 August 2007

This just in from Camp MIA Shalom

You can never change your nature;
It is quite beyond your reach.
When a girl is born a lemon,
She can never be a peach.


There's a law of compensation
And that's the law we preach:
You can always squee-heeze a lemon,
But you'll only squash a peach.


compulsive writer said...

Hmmmm. Pondering. Suddenly I have a hankering for a slice of sour cream lemon pie.

Missed you. Glad you're back!

p.s. Did you have any water? My girl has been worried because it was dwindling by the time she came home August 4th and she was concerned the girls after them wouldn't have any water.

AzĂșcar said...

I love camp!

grittypretty said...

coincidentally eating a peach while reading your post. your blogs are very worthwhile and i like them!

Livs said...

I was named camper of the year my first year at Girls Camp. By my third year I was under constant reprimand for having a bad-itude.... A squashed peach? A lemon in peach's clothing? An unripe mango? Who knows? But I do admire adult women with the fortitude to return to camp.

Rynell said...

welcome home, camper!

Geo said...

c-dub: We didn't have enough for showers, but we were okay on drinking water. We were all worried too, so it was a relief that we made it through the week without drying up and blowing away.

I'd happily join you for some lemon pie!

azucar: Me too.

grittypretty: Thank you!

livs: All my favorite lemons went through some sour days. No matter.

rynell: Oh, yes, indeed!