23 August 2007


As per Rynell's friendly invitation to join in some uninhibited bloggerly exhibitionism, I am finally getting around to turning thoughts into keystrokes. This morning I came up with a pretty good angle on the "8 Random Things About Me" meme, so what you get from me today is this:


1. I use henna.
Last night I couldn't fall asleep, so just before 11:00 I embraced my insomnia. I went upstairs, put on a kettle of water to boil, mixed it with some special green henna leaf powder from the health food store, slapped the hot sludge on my head, and in a couple hours I became a drum circle redhead.

2. I do yoga. And while I, wrapped in plastic and towels, waited for the herbal muck to do its job, I did yoga for an hour. I also drank a cup of chamomile tea.

3. I wear strange jewelry. I wore a jingly silver bellydance belt with my outfit on our last anniversary. Today I am wearing a choker made by my sister-in-law—it's finger-woven cotton with a green chakra stone in the center, to help heal the heart.

4. I smell funny. My deodorant is patchouli. My body lotion is patchouli. I wear patchouli essential oil on a regular basis. I inherited my love for patchouli from my mom's best friend, who really was a hippie.

5. I heart Birkenstocks. I wish I had a pair! (Wore my last ones into the ground.)

6. I dabble in alternative medicine. My main doctor is a naturopath.

7. I believe in wheatgrass. I grow it. I juice it. I actually like it. And to implicate myself further, I shop for and eat organic food as much as my budget will allow.

8. I like Neil Young. I wouldn't have been at all comfortable at Woodstock (even if I had been older than five), but I sure like some of the artists who played there. The Who? The Incredible String Band? Ravi Shankar? Santana? Jimi Hendrix? Oh yeah! And even Janis Joplin on occasion.

Okay, that's plenty about me. Who wants to play next?


b. said...

I learned to enjoy Neil Young while I was a nanny for a very hippy couple in NY.
What size Birks?

Livs said...

I love these things, too! What's not to love about natural hair color, yoga, comfy sandals and good music??? And if we want to hug a few trees and down some cleansing juices once in a while, hey... anyone who knocks this probably hasn't tried it.

AzĂșcar said...

I think my heels and fine fabrics deny a more granola soul.

I absolutely love Neil Young.

I make my own baby food

I have made my own yogurt

I feel a tremendous sense of guilt that we can't use the recyling things as set up by the city because of where we live

I like that we can be a little crunchy if we desire.

Love ya!

J'oga said...

no doubt about it, you're a true hippie at heart. I love your smell - because it fits. it's you. I just love it.

Geo said...

b.: You were a hippie nanny! Did you pick up any hippie tips?

I'd have to check at some euro-shoe store about my size. First/last pair I owned was a 40, but I know for certain that other Birk styles don't work just right in 40. WHY? You got a hippie Birk connection that can hook me up?

livs: Exactly. And yes, I have been known to hug trees occasionally. There's a long row of sycamores downtown in front of the house I used to live in, and I think they miss me.

azucar: Well, everyone who knows you recognizes that you are an actual goddess. It's just a given that you are transcend all categorization. You are crunchy and smooth all at once—omnitexture. xo

j'oga: Hippie? Maybe not. But hips? Now that's where I rule.

I'm glad you approve of the 'chouli essence; it's not always so well-received, but I'm very at ease in a little cloud of it.

compulsive writer said...

Love this!

You know we are kindred hippie spirits. I haven't had a good henna in ages, however, I need to get some.

AzĂșcar, Provo doesn't send recycling buckets your way? What's up with that?

b. said...

I have an almost brand new pair of 39's narrow. You want?

Jamie said...

You are NOT a hippie? What? I cannot tell you how many Taboo tournaments I have one by saying "Rob" or "Georgia" and our mutual friend responds with the Taboo word, "Granola"! It's my secret weapon (I mean, everyone knows that Taboo is won with inside jokes, right? Not that your'e a joke or anything)I am kidding, of course, because you have far too many morals to be a true hippie.

Jamie said...

Oh, wait--I forgot to edit my last post and replace ONE with WON!

Geo said...

c-dub: I've made two henna converts already—one of my YW and her mom are both gonna try it. Maybe you're next, especially since you're already a believer?

b.: I'm afraid my feet err on the side of 41 rather than 39. And they aren't narrow. Thank you anyway! But speaking of 39, you just brought to my mind my dormant membership in an exclusive club, the 39ers. When I was C Jane's age and a new YW Prez, one of my Laurels started this "club for goddesses" with the common hip meaurement of 39, and she declared herself the head hauncho. I was her second in command. Makes me laugh to think of it.

james: You mock me? No hemp cookies for you! Well, just you remember I can teach a mean lesson on chastity. No free love at Sundog Manor—it's monogamy all the way, baby!

Rynell said...

What fun to see your spin on 8 random things!
I live in birks most days. I buy 'em new on ebay for frugal's sake...

Geo said...

rynell: Ooo, What an excellent idea! I hadn't thought of that. You are a champion shopper.

And thanks for tagging me. That was fun.

Rachel B. said...

My daughter was looking at a book called "Surviving the Applewhites" about a boy living with a very groovy artsy-fartsy hippy family. Lucy asked what the book was about and Darren said, "It's a boy's adventures living with the Bucherts." I loved the hippy skirt I got from you at one of the ward DI swaps. I used to wear it all the time (until I wore it out) and I felt so Georgia-ish. You're my idol.

Geo said...

rachel b.: You make me LAUGH! I still haven't forgotten how you used to tell your Primary class my name was Sister Booger.