25 July 2007


Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down. Sometimes, if you've got chaos in your chemistry, you're up and down and up and down with such stomach-dropping force and cheek-flapping speed that you could sell yourself to a theme park. At times like this I find it very natural to want to let go of all sorts of stuff, of clutter, of schlep—both internal and external—and just concentrate on holding on with both hands, and then, once the ride is over, find a peaceful spot to sit till I've got my equilibrium back.

And so I am in eager pursuit of simplicity. The more I get rid of in my life, the more I want to get rid of. I seem to have become addicted to negative space. And that is very positive.

Are you trying to simplify too? You might enjoy these two articles, treasures I found this week.

First of all, here is a terrific list of meal ideas that are fast, easy, and summer heat-friendly. Mark Bittman deserves a 21-yum salute for his compilation, which so far, has tested deliciously. He jump-started my inner Martha, for which my family and I are grateful. I was about out of kitchen inspiration, and that's odd, considering I typically enjoy cooking and eating.

Next is something to help you clear your mind of worry, which I feel certain is another across-the-board sort of need. Rollercoasters and level heads alike all seem to suffer from this brand of clutter, so I hope it will provide a welcome perspective for you.

I'm off now to crank out a Cobb salad in record time.


b. said...

yes, oh yes.

Geo said...

And yes to Cobb salad without eggs! It's very good with olive oil and balsamic . . . .

Rynell said...

I read the summer cooking article recently. So good.

I'm all for simple these days