01 June 2007

Matters of import

1. I wrote a little pome.

I fight
with flight
all day
but come night
all's right
once I climb
into the nest
and rest myself
your wing
your breast sings
its slumbering
warmth into
my soaring heart

2. I deleted my dream blog, but not before moving all of its files to Bright Street. If you'd like to peruse the goods, click on the label "Adventures in Slumberland" in the sidebar and what will appear before your eyes but almost two dozen dreams, mine and a few others', including the one I posted yesterday, which you may have missed, since it was a double-post day. I would suggest reading the oldest post first, just because.

3. Next I'll merge my food blog.

4. Today I will finish culling my yarn stash. Again. Perhaps for the last time. Good thing, because it's a lot like pulling teeth. Molars. Or maybe wisdom teeth.

5. It's June!


c jane said...

Geo I very much enjoyed your pome.

Happy June from another bird.

Geo said...

C Jane, thanks! and thanks! my feathered friend.

To me, the pome reads like a haiku that refuses to stop.

compulsive writer said...

Happy June and I love your pome, too.

Geo said...

There are:

poims and poitry

and it takes a discerning reader to tell the difference!

I think I've only written one actual poem in my entire life, but I'm satisfied with that. The other kinds are still fun to invent.

Emmie said...

"Culling my yarn stash" is a delightful phrase.

Loved your pome.

b. said...

I loved your pome.
I love June.
I love you too.

Geo said...

emmie: Believe me, the phrase is more pleasing than the activity itself, at least for the fiber-addicted.

Your photo is really lovely! (And it's nice to hear from you again!)

b.: Smooch ya!

Melody said...

Late to the party... love the pome, the culling, the Geo way! Hope you are well and happy.

I tagged you. Visit my blog if you're in the mood and let's do lunch soon.

Melody said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lucky Red Hen said...

Nice pome.

compulsive writer said...

p.s. I love seeing you back in the land of blog.

Geo said...

melody: I'm an It! Yay! You want to have lunch with Cousin It? Works for me. And hey, I loved the almost haiku. You took it down, but I'm saving it in my email!

Still pondering on "the Geo way."

lucky: Nice hen.

c-dub: Me too.