25 March 2007

Some subject lines for blog posts I'd like to write

"Does this hairshirt make me look fat?"
Designer Sundays
I know that wish rocks are true
The timeless virtues of creamy chicken
Friday the 13th: black cats for my birthday
"There's nothing too good for you!"
Code Brown: Depends ≠ Huggies
So, how about a honeymoon, already?
This blog space for swap
Did I ever tell you I'm a horse?
Cheese danishes, fireflies, and midnight sparklers on the beach
Women need women (what a revelation)


b. said...

ummm....get writing already!
I've been missin' you.

Jamie said...

Bring it on, ZsaZsa!

Carrotjello said...

Oh, do the horse one first!

Geo said...


liz said...

that's funny, I think backwards to that process- I always have a hard time with a title to my posts.

Geo said...

liz: More than anything else, this is just a lazy list to remind myself of what's been happening in my life. A blog cheat.