10 March 2007

Bed bath . . . and beyond . . .

I've had that title in my head since Thursday, since enjoying a rejuvenating break with a dozen other women to celebrate to birthday of one soon-to-be-30-year-old c jane. The morning found me up to my armpits in the most physically intense caretaking I've done so far with The Ancestor—exhausting—and so having lunch with intelligent, interesting, fun women my own age (okay, okay, so I could potentially be The Ancestor of that bloggerette group, but since I'm not yet wearing Depends, who's counting years?) at a really really really good restaurant while celebrating the 1977 hatching out of A True Beauty was hyacinths for my soul. I went away well-fed in tummy and heart. I'm in the mood for a shout-out, aren't you?

Ladies, thank you so much for the relief of your delightful company on a tiring day. If I hadn't already decided I love you, this one lunch gathering would have done it for me. Thanks for inviting me.

(I still think a round table is the best possible setup for bloggerette lunches.)

c jane
lisa v. clark
cathy (who has no blog, but can be seen here, by scrolling down)
compulsive writer
sister pottymouth
nie nie
formerly phread

also their fat babies and cute kids

Please tell me I didn't miss listing one of these somebodies I have a crush on.

My only regret about Thursday's lunch is that I didn't think to take my camera out of my purse till it was too late. Anybody want to share shots with me? My photo du jour, because I missed this fantastic photo op, was necessarily the red corduroy pea jacket with fuschia lining I picked up at D.I. on my way home from the wing-ding. Next to the above list of fabulous feminosity, that is small potatoes.

I'm behind again on my photo uploading. The next batch isn't too exciting anyhow. But I will get around to updating some time.

Just so you know, as of yesterday, The Ancestor has been hospitalized with pneumonia and congestive heart failure. Things aren't looking too hot for my gran, but time will tell what brand of healing Providence has in mind. She's snookered death before. I'll be back and forth between UVRMC and my house for the next however many days and nights are between right-here-right-now and some kind of resolution.

A note to my tea party friend: I've taken the kettle off the burner till we can get life under control here, but I haven't forgotten that we will sip together someday.

XO and thanks again.


compulsive writer said...

Oh Geo--it was such a pleasure to see you! I'm so sorry about the ancestor. May I come visit you visiting the ancestor at the hospital?

We said good-bye to our dear aunt early this morning. The graveside will be Wednesday. But my grandfather--who also has congestive heart failure--is on year two-and-one-half since being diagnosed as "terminal." Nonetheless my mother and I have cancelled our plans for a quick getaway to sunny CA and said good-bye to our Wicked tickets. One never knows...

God bless--



Jamie said...

Geo...I am thinking about you and Gran...poor ladybug! I know you're "used to" this, but I wish I were near to comfort and cheer. I am so glad you got to go to cjane's lunch--what a sunny spot in what's sure to be a gray week (or so). I had a simiar sunny spot this weekend (not that my life is gray or anything)and I say THREE CHEERS FOR SISTERHOOD! Love you from afar...

Geo said...

c-dub: Oh, yes, do. E766. And I am very sorry about your beloved auntie. So hard! And your grandpa. This is a difficult season. Love & hugs to you.

james: I'm not so sure I can ever get "used to" any of this. I'm thinking I wish it wasn't too late to get Venus to bring down the Blue Chair from Washington! I could use a therapeutic flop session right about now! Thanks for the good thoughts. Ladybug really isn't herself anymore, though she was still charming the boys today.

Bluebell said...

I just love reading you.

Your gran is adorable. How old is she? (Is that question allowed?)

Geo said...

bluebell: The feeling is mutual! My gran is 89 and holding . . . .

Geo said...

bluebell: Oh, P.X., please tell you mom that I WILL answer her happy happy email. I'm doing everything out of order lately, and I have not been attending as I should to my emails. But I was really really glad to hear from her, and have been composing my reply in my head ever since. You know how it is? Spiritual creation precedes the tangible thing?

Geo said...

Ha! P.X. Okay, I've decided to adopt that typo . . . work it into my repertoire . . . !

compulsive writer said...

I will try to come after I get the family all fed.

I hate the 7th floor. I spent a whole week there once. I was one of the lucky ones--I got to come home!

Elizabeth said...

I am SUPER happy that you were able to get out and enjoy yourself. I know it's different, but I've been homebound the past six months, too (though I wouldn't trade being anywhere else), and those occasional "outs" go a LONG way. I'm sorry about your Grams, too.

metamorphose said...

Geo -it was lovely meeting you.

Does sue-donym not wish to be linked? I might have to take down her link then.

Your lovely Gran -I hope the best for her.

Geo said...

c-dub: Did I miss you on the 7th floor? i didn't see your message till I got home latish that evening. Hope you didn't go over and find me already gone.

It's true that the 7th floor is not the place one generally wants to be. Why were you there? I am really glad you did get to go home again. A lot of hearts break on that oncology floor, daily, I think.

Liz: Doesn't this weather make you want to do another OUT? Sure does me. I'm dreaming of walks and digs and cavorts.

Meta: I was glad to meet you too, but curses on tables that don't allow us all to visit each other equally. I loved the bloggerettas I was seated with, but I didn't get to make your acquaintance quite well enough! Maybe in the future . . . ?

As for sue-donym, I think she's fine with being linked. It's just that I'm friends with one of her co-workers, and there's a question about her blog's anonymity in the workplace. You know? If that friend stops in on me and finds a hot link to sue's place, then suddenly her "secrets" are revealed! (Or somethin' like that.)

It's easy for me that way—self-employment doesn't raise such issues. Who's gonna fire me if I talk about the boss?

Thanks, all, for the good wishes!

sue-donym said...

I am totally fine with you having my link there.

I am just one who NEVER keeps my own secrets and it has been fun to actually have one from my staff. But if RSC finds me, she finds me. Nothing to hide here - I am an open book, albiet a blank one most of the time.

compulsive writer said...

Double pneumonia. It's a long story. But after getting bounced around between a stupid doctor and an ignorant receptionist Melody practically saved my life by sending me to the ER. I ended up on the 7th floor because there was no room on the 4th. But I was pretty sick, too. It was miserable. And so was coming home on oxygen for three weeks and taking almost six months to fully recover.

But I'm glad I did recover.