23 January 2007

January 23 (many hands)

My Tuesday nights are about young women. This evening we had a guest come and talk with us about the Food & Care Coalition, our local soup kitchen run by real superheroes. She talked with us about the facility, the people who patronize it, what sorts of needs are met there, and such. After time for questions and answers we rolled up our sleeves and put together three whopping breakfast casseroles to deliver to the breakfast shift the next morning. The girls had a great time and seemed to feel good about making a contribution. I am convinced that it's so important to provide young people with worthwhile opportunites to serve and give, as well as play hard and clean. There's so much available out there that has no real meaning, and sadly, most of us, particularly kids, get a fairly steady diet of meaninglessness. Life is not about entertainment, even though we have actual needs for ample fun and leisure. It's all about direction, I suppose. Where is this choice going to take you?

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