20 January 2007

January 20

It's a lucky thing that I am keeping a daily pen-to-paper journal this year. Since the beginning of 2007 I've been so busy coping with and adjusting to the major changes in my life, all Ancestor-related changes, that I haven't gotten much storyblogging done here, or talking or visiting or anything much anywhere. I'll say this: The Ancestor is in a serious downward spiral and I don't think she's coming up anymore, not really. The onset of senility/dementia is subtle and sporadic and calls for sympathy. But eventually it invades your space like a rude roommate who is somehow in cahoots with the manager; as you discover its shocking, deceitful nature you also realize you'll never be rid of it till one of you moves. Caretaking is not an easy job. Being elderly is also not an easy job. At least we still have trips to D.I.

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