02 February 2007

February 2 (dangerous feet)

If your initials are FS and you have a boyfriend with the initials RM then you are hereby exempt from our shoes-off-in-the-house rule. Forevermore. Really. I mean it. In fact, if you ever even try to take your shoes off again at my house, I will tackle you. I am not exaggerating when I say that your feet, as beautiful as they are upon the mountains, made me sick, I kid you not, kid, and the smell did not depart from me or my house until, lo, the next day. I burned matches, I opened the door and let in the freezing blast, I left home. Even in Roberts Craft I could still smell your feet. So could Rob. I love you, but you are no friend of mine if you ever do that trick again. I am dead serious.


moiety said...

LOL (again and again).

I only wish I were party to the identity of FS and RM.

love you,

Geo said...

Moiety, I'll let them know that you're expecting them for dinner on Sunday. And that you've got a no-shoes-in-the-house policy.

Curiosity killed the cat!