26 January 2007

January 26 (old capers)

Way back when, before I was married, I had some friends who had a band and they used to rehearse on the second story of this building, in the large corner room with the big windows. I sometimes liked to slip out the window and sit on the narrow ledge that overlooks the street. It was dark up there, and higher than it appears to be in this photo. It was a terrific perch. A block and a half north of this spot, I used to have a great, drafty apartment that likewise overlooked University Avenue. At night I'd sit in one of the giant bay windows that stuck out high over the sidewalk, and read a book or watch the world rumble by. Don't know why, but there's something in me that loves downtown areas. I sometimes dream about the block in this picture; it's always like a wonderful, endless maze inside, and has fabulous, newly-renovated apartments with loads of character. I always consider renting one when I'm asleep.

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