17 January 2007

January 17

I don't know if it was my wish for seer stones or today's great Ancestor-related emotional meltdown that caused it, but I had my very first visual migraine today. It was frightening and exciting all at once . . . until the pain kicked in. Before that point, however, I enjoyed a spectacular light show. I was working on the computer when suddenly I couldn't see properly; the center of my vision was shattered into dancing, turning, sparkling facets. After some time, I was able to see what I was looking at again, when the broken center became a ring that slowly, slowly opened wider, and transformed into something I thought of as a crown. It really was quite amazing. It took a long time, but the crown eventually worked itself out the the very edge of my sight, until it was only a slim cresent at the left periphery. It vanished, and then my head filled up with hurting. Rob stuffed me with migraine medicine, put me in a dark room where I stayed for many hours, eating nothing but pink grapefruit. I think I really needed a break and wasn't taking one, so this was my body's way of giving me a warning. I'm trying to pay attention.

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