13 January 2007

January 13 (warming up)

Oh, yeah, Rob scored major points today, although really he didn't need them—they were extra credit; he bought us sleds from Sam's Club and a big stainless steel thermos which he filled with Stash Mango-Passionfruit tea, and with no complaints from me, planned a date to Rock Canyon park for some screaming rides down the sides of the big basin. So it was a bitterly cold night; who cared? Not us. It was an easy but magnificent escape. It's been years since we went sledding! We weren't the only ones shouting out goofy glee in the moonlight; there were people sliding down the slopes on sleds, toboggans, inner tubes, garbage bags, Rubbermaid lids, and even a blue plastic kiddie pool. I'm not sure I know the words to relate how nice it was to have a break from home stresses and usuals. My poor sled didn't survive the night, but Rob was able to return it for a refund, along with his. Maybe next time we'll go the kiddie pool route.

Here is my tea-maker, offering me a steaming drink to warm me up inside my many layers, which included two sets of woolen undies. (I take a chill very easily, though it ain't for lack of natural insulation.)

What a guy! What a night! What a thermos! What a long wait for Korean food (one hour from the time we ordered) after we finished playing outdoors, but it was tasty!

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