16 November 2006

Why I couldn't not buy the Aveda

This cartoon from the New Yorker found its way onto the door of my fridge last week, and it's been as instructive as Sunday School. After I finished my first round of hardy-hars, I realized that Roz Chast (How I love Roz! She's right up there with Edward Gorey in my book.) didn't just pick up on a common quirk of the Saints . . . she nailed it. So I continue to laugh every time I open the fridge, but I'm also doing some self-evaluation.

Well, anyway, that's how I ended up going to the mall today (different mall than yesterday) (two days in a row at a mall--so unlike me), waltzing into the Aveda salon and coming out with the one true shampoo and conditioner. Okay, I purchased the least expensive of the line, but that's okay; what I bought is still wonderful and I still feel fancy. And I chose the biggest bottles I could find, so big that the salesgirl in black(!) gave me two free pump dispensers so I "won't have to pick 'em up in the shower." I'm proud of myself. It's been what--ten years?--that I've been sudsing up with the best of the worst from an ordinary drugstore.

Have you been introduced to Roz Chast yet?

Please excuse me now. I've gotta wash that frown right outta my hair.


compulsive writer said...

Overpriced Aveda is the nirvana of luxury. Put's a whole new meaning into "I can't tonight dear, I've got to shampoo my hair."

Eat your heart out Herbal Essence.

And oh baby, did Roz ever nail it! Amen and Amen.


Geo said...

It's more like: "I can't pay the mortgage this month, dear; I had to shampoo my hair." And there goes Christmas too.

I figure, once a decade, what the heck! At least it's concentrated.

Stacie said...

you deserve it!!

Geo said...


Stacie, I refer you to the archives--September 18, 2004--to show you just how much I deserve it!

AzĂșcar said...

I love Roz Chast. It's so much fun when I open a New Yorker and there's a new cartoon of her's inside.

Geo said...

And I love that Roz looks like her characters. In a good sort of way.