19 November 2006

Dear Anonymous (you know who you are):

I want to thank you for leaving your kind comment in my blog archives. It's tucked away in 2004 so quietly and nicely, so modestly. I wish I could call you by name, but you obviously wanted to leave me your gift and then disappear, ding-dong-dash style. Well, your thoughtfulness came at an ideal time, at another of those perennial moments when I think I'm ready to throw in the blogging towel. I don't mean to make a big deal of this; I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you, whoever you are.

Here's a bell flower--a blooming symbol for gratitude--for you and for all the other friends and friendly strangers who now and then leave kind words here for me to find, like sweet Christmas surprises.

This image is used with permission
from the National Agricultural Library, ARS, USDA.

Oh, I had such a beautiful Sunday. I would love to write about it now, but I promised myself this morning that I would go to bed with the chickens tonight. I have to get up before day and recommence slogging away at a big, big work project. Rob and I have a tough deadline of Thanksgiving to be finished publishing the biggest limited-edition run of books we've produced since we've been letterpressing. Maybe I'll be able to steal a wee break sometime tomorrow and I can put down some Sabbath thoughts while they're still fresh in my mind. Meanwhile, thanks for reading and responding, you folks who wander through here. It makes this blogging adventure so much more rewarding.



Lucky Red Hen said...

Thanks for the flower. It is beautiful. Thanks, also, for not throwing in the blogging towel.

compulsive writer said...

Ditto what she said. I can't wait to hear about your Sunday. I had a good one, too.

anonymous (i know who i am) said...

A thousand thank yous for the beautiful flower and for not throwing in the blogging towel! You have a gift - thanks for sharing it with us.

liz said...

I also enjoy your writing style. You have a way with selecting specific words that are not necessarily common.

and if nothing else- it's a great catalog of memories, many details that would otherwise fade will be at your fingertips always.

Geo said...

lucky: This towel just needs to be thrown in the washer more often, that's all.

compulsive: The Sundays are beginning to stack up and still I haven't spilt my guts. Guess I'm waiting for a clean towel.

ananoymous (who are you?): When are you gonna come clean?

liz: Thanks for your specific compliment. I'm not a walking dictionary like some folks, but I do practically sleep with my thesaurus. It's probably the most exciting book I have, next to the scriptures. (Am I a geek, or what?)