25 August 2006

I just had a strange thought

I wonder who'll get the very last kid to come to Earth.

How long will it take everyone to figure out that there aren't anymore on the way?

Will that kid get special favors and loads of stuff from commercial sponsors? a key to the city? a key to the world? tv spots? invitations to lunch from leaders of nations? a free ride to university? a personal jet? bodyguards? honorary memberships and degrees? great birthday parties? tension headaches?


Jamie said...

That is a continuation of a thought I had a while back. Actually, I was talking with a friend after I miscarried, and two other girls in my ward did, too, all about the same time. This particular friend was on he second round of fertility treatments (she's only 25--a rookie!) and we were talking about how weird it is that it's so hard to have a baby lately. We both admitted that we had both thought, "Maybe Heavenly Father is running out of spirits!" Later I wondered if that's really possible, I mean if there's a finite number and once the last one's down the hatch, Jesus gets ready to come back. I mean, really...how does that all go down? And will that baby be like the last emporer or whatever? What about those promised millenial births (and what did you have to do to be one of THOSE kids?) How will we all finally realize it's over? WILL WE? Interesting...
Anyway, glad you're back. I have missed you. Now I have to go do housework and try to crank out this bulky baby!

Geo said...

Sometimes I hope my kids will get to grow up then. What an amazing time it will be, and so busy.

I have something almost ready to send to your bulky baby . . . made from worsted.

: ) : ) : )