31 July 2006

I killed a bear, over there

Over the weekend I dreamed that a brown bear, about my same height but much larger in girth, was coming towards me with intent to attack. I realized it wasn't quite fully grown, but I understood that this didn't alter the danger I was in. All I could think of to do was to reach out my hands as the bear rushed me and grab it with all my strength by the throat and hold on. I squeezed tightly, not meaning to let go, knowing that if I did let go that would be the end of me. The bear couldn't move then; all its attention was at its throat. I squeezed desperately tightly and soon I could feel that the bear was taking fewer and fewer breaths until finally it stopped breathing altogether. I felt strange and bad as I realized that it was dying, but there was nothing else I could do except continue to hold it that way; it was either the bear or me. Even when no more breaths came I maintained my grip around its neck. The neck itself became smaller in circumference beneath my hands--this happened almost instantly--until there was little more than the width of a cord holding the head onto the body. To my surprise, the bear's head fell off entirely and rolled down by my feet. There was only just a little blood; this weird decapitation was a great shock to me, but not as gory as might be expected.


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compulsive writer said...
That is very interesting. I wonder what big brown bear has been threatening you lately...

Did I tell you I dreamt recently that King Kong was trying to get me and my husband let him take me away?

Still musing over that one.

2/8/06 9:41 PM

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