20 April 2006

Poetry newsflash!


Visit the BYU Bookstore and ask for Anita. If you can recite a poem for her (and she is reportedly very, very nice, so don't let your stomach get into a knot) she will enter your name into a drawing for a free book of poetry. Fun, huh? I'm going to do it, but I do feel for poor Anita because I'm going to recite a poem I wrote about fifteen years back called "Lithium". Being subjected to free verse about somebody else's bad brains is sure to be a treat for her, but it's the only poem that easily stays in my memory in its entirety. Pray for Anita, people. And go cheer her up later with some Syliva Plath.


Becca said...

will you recite it here? i might even be able to produce a book of poetry for you...

Geo said...

Remember, you asked for it!

a chant to lull demons
(to be read to oneself, in a whisper)

If I, in remission, unceasingly
still, seal serenely
my eyes and smiling, slip
into noiseless repose,
respiring so slightly I scarcely
persist, then the sleeping
offense of yesterday's
madness shall stay placid,
and sound.
Then mercy, stealing
silently, shall smother
the scourge in my soul
as it rests.

Becca said...

Wow. I like. I'll start seeing what I can produce for your reward.

compulsive writer said...

That's ssssssuper! And it is quite lulling when read to oneself in a whisper. Makes me wonder--might I be a demon?

Thought you might like to know: Melody is reading two poems, including one of my favorites "Chrysalis," at the Orem Public Library at 7pm on Wednesday, April 26.

I didn't see an e-mail link to you but I love the spontaneous, so you may e-mail me at therowleys@iprovo.net and I'll be in touch. My name is Dalene (long A) and it's nice to meet you.

Geo said...

Becca: Bring it on! I haven't been able to get to BYU yet to recite for Anita, so this may be my only shot at a prize! (Plus, your pick would likely be more fun than a stranger's.)

P.S. I'm happy I got a wow out of you.

Compulsive: Thanks! The way you hissed out "ssssssuper" I'll admit I questioned your demonicity for a split-second! : )

Dang calendar. It says I've already got something on Wednesday evening, but if I can I'll sneak away for a bit. Last time I attended a reading at the OPL was when Leslie Norris read there. I'd like to hear your friend.

Sorry I forgot to post my email addy. It used to be up on my profile, but in an effort to reduce auto-spam, I took it off. I'll email you. I knew your name was something that started with D, but the closest I could come up with was Darlene, and I didn't want to venture that. Thanks for reminding me.

Just for the record:

pogofig at gmail dot com