10 April 2006

Let's go walking

I need to shake it out. Today I'm starting beginner's marathon walking training. Care to join me? I've modified this schedule I found online, adjusting it backward one day so that Sundays, rather than Mondays, are the rest days. So today is the day 2 of Week 1 for me and my schedule is thus:

Sunday--Rest day (no workout)
Monday--3 miles (warm up, walk at moderate pace, cool down)
Tuesday--2 miles (warm up, walk at a comfortable but determined trainining pace for the designated mileage focusing on walking with good technique, cool down)
Wednesday--3 miles (warm up, walk at moderate pace, cool down)
Thursday--Easy cross-training for 30 minutes or rest
Friday--4 miles (walk at a comfortable pace)
Saturday--Easy cross-training or walk at a comfortable pace for 30 to 45 minutes

Be sure to read up on warm-ups and stretching before you begin, to prevent injury and aches.


Johanna said...

I love walking. When I do it long enough, I love running too, but walking: it's the everyday wonderful bread of the exercise life. How do you keep track of mileage? Do you have measured routes, or are you keeping track of blocks, or . . .?

Geo said...

Mama Joh: Well, so far, I've not had to think too hard about that aspect of walking, as I've used a treadmill on both of my walking days since starting this program. I have a pedometer that I lost somewhere in the basement, and I'm either going to have to find it pronto or bite the bullet and purchase a new one if I mean to keep up with this training schedule, which I do. Measured routes would be my next plan of attack, especially, say, along the river trail where the mileage is marked. I can't see myself always being indoors or outdoors, or sticking to special everyday paths. I guess the pedometer is the best bet since it allows for sunshine and freedom of choice. Treadmill's a good second though on rainy days or days when multi-tasking is a must (reading, making calls, etc.) or the hour has gotten too late for city safety. Sorry--that was a long answer. xoxoxo

Johanna said...

I have it from a source who would know that that's how Hillary Clinton would get everything done: make all her phone calls while she was exercising. :)

Geo said...

Hey! So maybe I'm on the fast track to power!

(How's my pending aunthood coming along? Remember, the 13th is your mark.)