07 February 2006

Happy trails

I've been meaning to mention here that because (a) the entire $55 entry fee hasn't come together yet, and (b) I got mixed up on the starting date, Izzy and I are now doing the Idiot Walk instead of the Idita Walk. Why did I think it started on February 15th? That's when the t-shirt order has to be in, but the 15th is two weeks after the event actually begins. Oh, fer cryin' in the beer! We're a week late already! Well, we can add a few minutes to our daily hikes and easily make up the time; the goal for my pup and me is to complete 1049 minutes of hiking by March 18th. That we can still do.

Anyway, to those of you who've said you'd like to contribute, you still can. We have a week left to register. But even if we don't come up with enough moolah to register, I'm planning to send whatever money I do collect to the Alaskan scout camp that's sponsoring the Idita Walk, whether the amount I'm able to mail is $55, or less, or more. Yeah, I'd send more. I think it's a worthy fundraising cause. So, if you're feeling spendy, you probably know how to contact me, so "just do it". Or don't. It's your call--either way, Izzy and I are hitting the road bright and early. Eat our dust!

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