03 January 2006

"Well, I am."

Becca, my beautiful dreamer of a sister-in-law emailed me this very personal night vision yesterday:

I had another Geo-pregnancy dream last night. You and Rob came up to our house and you asked if I was pregnant. I said, "No," and you said, "Well, I am." You had just found out the day before but wouldn't tell me your due date, but mentioned that you would probably "be able to make" two performances next year this time that you always go to (? don't remember what these were)--in other words the baby would be old enough, etc.

It's strange the way this dream coincided with one of my own from the night before. I wrote a little more about this in my blog On Bright Street, if you care to stop in for a read.


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Chemical Billy said...
Hi Geo - a friend of mine at work (who reminds me of you in other ways, too) also has a dream blog. And hers is called Dreaming of Nemo!

I love this sort of synchronicity...

19/1/06 10:09 AM

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