20 December 2005

Driving Miss Lady(bug)

[SCENE: Geo and Gram climb into Vinnie the Corolla, intending to somehow find a safe way out of a mall parking lot crammed full of too many uptight and ready-to-fight holiday shoppers. It's dark. Our heroines are tired and hungry. J.C. Penney has just pulled a fast one on Gram and she would like to inform the world that she is not happy. Geo starts the engine and the radio comes on. The clear tenor voice of José Carreras sings a sweet but unfamiliar carol, and then . . . ]

GRAM: Who's that singing? [She is thoughtful.] Sounds like the Catholics!

GEO: !!!



J'oga said...

That is hilarious! Thanks for the smile!

Chemical Billy said...

You have Mr. Billy & me rolling with laughter. I may have to pass this one on to my (Catholic) mom-in-law.

AzĂșcar said...

Perceptive she is.