21 December 2005

Do yourself a favor

I'm telling you, you need to take a four-hour break from your holiday music habit and give this playlist some attention:


I honestly can't stomach most modern country music, but gimme roots and classics and I'll freely admit to the world that I've got a real thang for twang.

I could just about kiss Mr. Byrne for the incredible boost he's given to my day with this smattering of lovin' and leavin' and yeah, even cheatin' songs. I catch myself dancing and singing every once in a while as I do my work and eat pine nuts. This music ain't about Christmas, but it's sure inspiring in me extra good will. Shoot, I'm near 'bout ready to deck my halls!


Jamie said...

I am so glad to see you back! I love when my (sometimes twice) daily blog checks yield such fruit! I was just posting some favorites lists on my Yahoo page (a thing my family is doing to be connected), and I noticed a lot of twangy stuff in there. I mean, I 've always loved me some Lone Justice and Patsy, but lately (maybe since Walk The Line came out) I have been watching lots of old country and Rockabilly shows on TV (the Johnny Cash Biography on A&E made me cry) and I am so loving them. I know I would have been absolutely head over silly little heels for Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers...and I am loving the Wailin Jennys lately, too. Dang Canadian Cowgirls. Can't wait to hear the David Byrne links...oh, how I love that man.

Geo said...

Hey, James. Thanks for the note. On second thought, there actually are some moderns I like. Do The Be-Good Tanyas count as country? Some of the genre lines are blurry to me nowadays. I think there are probably quite a few new country-esque recording artists that make me smile, but usually they aren't the ones I hear when I pass ever-so-quickly past our local country stations. (However, there is a new "country Classics" station on the radio that I really like now and then. I found it for Gram's listening pleasure one day and discovered I knew and liked almost every song!) I have a feeling I'd like any singers who call themselves the Wailin Jennys. Maybe you should give me some recommendations. Not that I ever buy music anymore.

I know what you mean about David Byrne. I've never gotten over my early love for him or his music. Rob and I were in Maverick in the fall and "Burning down the House" came on. I was in heaven! Soon, I started hearing loud complaints from the young and obviously unhip Maverick jacketed so-and-so behind the cashier's counter, and his older subordinate ran to switch the station to something awful and rappish. I wanted to grab that kid and shake him: "Don't you GET it? This is IMPORTANT MUSIC!" The whole experience sort of ruined my frozen yogurt. *sigh*

Jamie said...

You're making me want to go watch TRUE STORIES, and there is no frozen yogurt anywhere around here excpet one place in the mall in Bozeman and they have only vanilla. Which is better than nothing. But I miss Maverick. Rich got me a tiny little MP3 player for $30 on ebay and I currently mixng 12 hours fo music for the trip to AZ. I never buy music anymore either, unless it's an 88-cent download from walmart.com!

AzĂșcar said...

I love Patsy Cline. Love her. I defy anyone who says they love music, but hate country, to listen to her greatest hits and not be moved.

Geo said...

I'm with you, Carina; Pasty is a queen. She gets me in the guts every time.