04 March 2005

March Forth

It's my day! It's March Forth! I look forward to my invented holiday all year. This is the day when I try to regroup and move ahead with new energy and big, rejuvenated dreams. In celebration, I spent the late morning and afternoon in my front yard, giving some intensive pruning therapy to my lavender plants, repotting the next generation of Mama's hens & chicks, and transplanting the English daisies from their old cramped homes in a perennial flower bed to private terra cotta and blue ceramic condos. I stayed outside a bit too long, working, perhaps; by late afternoon I had to come in because an awful sick headache had taken hold of me. Probably I was dehydrated. It took me a few hours to get myself straight again, but by evening, Rob and I were ready to flop on the couch together and watch a DVD (Children on their Birthdays--an adaptation of a fun Truman Capote story--decently and cleanly made, so I can almost forgive the rotten southern accents and the period piece oversights).

Anyhow, I've got a greeting card of sorts to share with the world, one that really captures the spirit of March Forth. I found it recently out on a city street corner, where it had obviously been run over a time or two. Before I had even picked it up to inspect it, I experienced a happy shiver of knowing that it was going to be a gem. I wasn't disappointed.

Happy March Forth, everyone! The front of the card, the enigmatic image, waits for your interpretation. Stay tuned for what's on the back of the card.

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