04 December 2004

Apologies to Nancy

Nancy Ann C. Yancy. That has got to be one of the funniest names I've ever heard spoken. Say it out loud to yourself and you'll hear how great it is; it's hard to appreciate how comical it is if you only read it. I heard it tonight at a friendly neighborhood Christmas dinner party, once dessert had been served and the jokes and storytelling got really fired up. Nancy is somebody's aunt.

I'm thinking of good things about this day, counting them like dollars earned and ready to be put into emergency savings.

•persuading Gram to eat three meals today
•having the will power to say no to the most tempting dessert I've seen in months
•candlelight, a festive table, and quiet jazz
•sharing a meal and laughter with good people
•being part of a solid neighborhood
•critical catnapping
•hairspray to keep my alopoecia under wraps till my hair can grow back
•recent loving supportive emails
•Brent & Anna's upside-down Christmas tree
•the Stewards' fantastic(ally fattening) rolls
•little moon-faced red-haired girls
•getting a thank you note from the woman I gave my orange chair to, and learning it's a perfect storytelling chair now and that her small daughters call the decorative pillow I also gave them "Queen Elephant"
•paying tithing
•Fast Sunday
•clean teeth
•Cheesy French Kiss-Me-Not sandwiches
•not having to fight against a chocolate high for precious sleep

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Jamie said...

Georgia Love: The emails I send you are now bouncing back to me. Are you okay? Were your holidays lovely? These last two blogs were just beautiful--I loved them. I look forward to more and hope that i am not missing out an a major life event just hangin out in this cold Montana snow, waiting to hear from Auntie Gee...