25 October 2004

Dreaming of Daffodil

This dream was first shared by Becca on a family email list back in February of this year, about six months before she gave birth to her 3rd child, and her first brunette.

speaking of dreams, i also had my first baby dream this week: a dark-haired, dark-eyed, wondering, diapered little thing whose sex remains a mystery. i have also (i think!) begun to feel the baby move.

Today she says of her dream: "I think it is kind of interesting now that I can see this baby. At the time I remember thinking, 'how funny, couldn't be this baby.' Now, excepting the eye-color thing which may still be determined, it is a pretty good description. I kind of like thinking that maybe I got a little glimpse of her!"


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DogMan said...
I liked your pages... You seem like a thoughtful and insightful person. Have a great day!

19/4/05 2:09 PM

Jamie said...
Georgia, every night since I miscarried I have dreamt about losing the girls. The first night, Rich dreamed that, too. Every night it's a different scenario, but every night it's the same horrifying plot--we have lost one of the girls or one is stolen, left behind, or dying. Usually there is a happy ending (we are all reunited safe and unharmed), or else I wake up before the resolution because I am so stressed out by the dream. In the daytime I feel perfectly fine, but somewhere my mind must be working things out. Your thoughts?

9/11/05 10:50 PM

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